Spray Tanning | DO’s + DON’Ts



Soak in a hot bath for 20 minutes before exfoliating, if possible, for best results.

Exfoliate and shave 8-24 hours before a spray tan

Get pedicures, waxes, facials, and massages 48 hours prior to spray

Schedule a trial spray session prior to a special event

Use UV beds 1-2 weeks prior to sunny vacation to protect from sunburn; Spray tan does not protect from sunburn

Schedule spray appointment 1-2 days prior to special event

Wipe off hands and feet with damp cloth after session

Wear dark, loose clothing to spray tan appointment

Rinse with water only (no soap) on your first shower


Use Dove, Oil of Olay, Nivea, Curel, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works products before or after session

Get a spray tan if you are peeling or may peel

Apply makeup, lotion, perfume or deodorant prior to session

Get pedicures, waxes, facials, or massages while spray tan is on

Apply too much barrier cream on hands and feet before session

Use products with alcohol, mineral oil, parabens, artificial perfumes or preservatives

Work out or sweat while spray tan is developing

Exfoliate or use a loofah while spray tan is on

Wear light-colored, tight clothing; no jeans, leggings, socks or bras to spray tan appointment

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