Wellsystem Spa + Zero Gravity Massage

Now that you have a beautiful tan, do you need some relaxation & rejuvenation? Oasis Tans pampers clients by offering our Wellsystem Spa and full-body Zero Gravity Massage chair. Rejuvenate, Relax & Escape!

Dry Water Massage Wellsystem Spa

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HydroJet Pain Relief

Tension, headaches and migraines – The strain of everyday life leaves more than just physical marks: Over the long-term stress depletes energy and motivation. Longer and longer phases of regeneration are required in order to adequately compensate for the strain. The psyche is also under stress, preventing proper recuperation. Ultimately, this can lead to burnout.

Wellsystem_Spa easily and effectively transforms the dry water massage into a health spa for the senses. Within a short period of time you can relax and effectively prevent stress.

Benefits & Features: Wellsystem Spa

Decrease Muscle Tensions

Optimize Muscle Tone

Venous & Lymphatic Unblocking

Loosen Subcutaneous Tissue

Correct Muscular Imbalances

Improve Local Blood Circulation & Metabolism

wellsytems spa

Fujimi Zero Gravity Massage

wellsystem massage zero gravity chair

Rejuvenate, Relax & Escape

Melt into the most incredible Full Body & Foot Massage… It’s Just that Unique!

Improve Tanning Results by Stimulating Blood Circulation

Improve Muscle Recovery Time